Thygesen Handyman Services - Needed Repair & Sealing of Mobile Home Roof Leaks

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Since my initial complaint posted here, there has been no contact from the owner of Thygesen Handyman Services and, thus, no resolution.In my initial complaint, I went into great detail in order to give the readers of my post an accurate picture of the events that occurred in dealing with this business.

Thysegen's only rebuttal comment was that I was off my roker (rocker) and that I merely wanted a free washer.

Free???I lost $120 on this business deal because I trusted the wrong person.

Original review posted by user Sep 10, 2013

The quote he provided, listed a total amount of labor, total amount of product, his name, telephone number, his website, (which when entered into the computer, displays Thygesen Handyman Services) and said I needed 8 5gal buckets of snow roof and failed to include the patching material and applicator he informed me afterwards that he needed. I had to go to numerous places to get the 8 buckets and when I had difficulty finding the eighth one, I decided to do my own calculations and discovered I only needed 4 buckets not 8. When I brought the overage to his attention he said that it all depended on how thick it was applied. I told him it can't be applied thicker than directed because it will crack and leak and that it had to be applied as directed to which his response was...they can be returned. He even asked ME if there was an expiration on the snow roof. Not being a roofer by trade, I had no idea so he suggested I read the buckets to find out. He showed up unprepared to do the roof job. He didn't have a ladder, so I supplied it. He asked if we had a hose that would reach to the roof, since he did not show up with one, so I supplied it. When he wanted WD40, since he did not have any, I supplied it. And in addition to the above, he texted me to ask if I had another hose, because the pressure washer that I thought he had just purchased had run out of gas and he would siphon the gas out of his truck if we could provide a hose. After only being on the job a few hours he texted me saying he needed $99 for a pressure washer. I told him he never mentioned that in his quote nor at any time during our conversations and he said he ‘forgot’ he had to wash the roof before applying the product. When I showed concern over how much that was going to cost he said he would cover the entire amount. I told him I didn’t think that was fair and he came back with the offer to split the cost but I neither accepted nor rejected that offer. I even offered to rent one and he said, no, that it would cost $79 and he wanted to save me money. He said a store in Santa Rosa sold a new pressure washer for $99 and he said when he was done with it, he'd return it and get the money back. I asked how he could do that and he told me the store also offered a return option for $30 which meant the washer could be returned for any reason and the $99 plus the $30 would be refunded upon returning the washer. I handed him $100 and thought he would cover the remainder, considering all the problems that had occurred, and that we were going to get all the money back anyways, but that wasn't the case. He then said he needed more; the $30 warranty amount and he said he needed gas money and that another $50 would cover it. I refused the $50 and handed him an additional $20 and he left to purchase the pressure washer. He returned 2-1/2 hours later from what should have been a 45 minute drive. During his absence I was concerned he had skipped out so I texted him and my text went unanswered. He returned with the washer (that I was still under the impression was brand new and for which I gave him $120 to purchase) but he only stayed about 30 minutes then left saying nothing about the washer. He said when he was going to return but never did and never called. On 4 separate occasions he was a no show and no call. After he left, my roommate brought to my attention that the pressure washer used NOT new Upon examining the washer and some online investigating, I discovered it was a 13 year old craftsman. I called the store that he said he was purchasing it from and spoke with the manager and he informed me they dont sell that brand nor do they offer a $30 return merchandise option. When I eventually brought to his attention the fact that I knew the store didn't have a $30 return policy he continued to dispute this fact and I suggested he call the store and speak to the manager and inform him of his store's policy to which he replied, "I will if it will make you happy". I also went to the store’s website where I read their return policy, which stated, any item can be returned within 90 days (with no mention at all of it costing the customer any money) but that some items would have a re-stocking fee. There was no mention of it costing any money at all. I took a copy of their return policy and sent it to the owner of Thygesen Handyman Services at which point he continued to argue the fact. He said he needed to return the washer and that he had 'borrowed' it and paid the person $20. I asked why he didn't return my money and his reply was "Were you even planning on paying me?" At that point I felt I couldn't trust him and told him when he returned with my $120 he could come pick up the washer. There were subsequent texts which were unsuccessful in reaching a resolution. At one point he actually asked me "what the f*** do you want me to do”. He even tried a much different approach and said..."....And yet I'm having to deal with a classy gal as yourself not to mention hot."

Due to the above, I do not intend to avail myself of Thysegen Handyman Services in the future

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This lady is off her roker and just wanted some free labor and a free pressure washer.

to joe Petaluma, California, United States #724377

I can prove everything I have said. I have saved all the texts between myself and the owner of Thygenes Handyman Setvices and can provide them as proof positive and I can present them at any time

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